By now you guys know we started with a series “How they met“. If not read the first two dates from him and her here. I assure you, it’s full of entertainment !! Here’s the third date.  Will I make an impression to last this time ? 😛 Read to find out more 😀

It was a lazy day at work when I decided to call Miss R. ringing – once,twice and more. Dude she wont answer the call ? I think the last date was way too messed up. No redemption ?? It was like ages before she picked up and, the thought process was on fire!  I have to agree our relationship does have a lot of Bollywood inspired scenes 😛 But there is no fiction for sure. When about to disconnect I heard ‘Hello’, she took my call yaauzaaaa.  We spoke for a few minutes and then Miss R’s best friend took over the call and she told me they will be going to mocha’s in the evening. We decided to meet there.

How they met 3

Time: 6.30 p.m. sharp (I had a record on being late so this time around I had special instructions to reach on time)

The bloopers still persist you know!

Fast forward to the evening: A friend  from work and I enter Mocha’s, we were like hardly 15 mins late (I mean who reached on like exact time. I dint want to appear desperate) Miss R gave me a look as if I had kept her and her friend waiting, for hours. Luckily, this time around I had my clean-shaven me  look with the Orange colored t-shirt that I look the most handsome in 😉 Looked like the charm was working, Miss R was taking some interest in the conversation. Rather she was participating in the talk as opposed to completely ignoring the conversation on previous meetings. I complimented her on her looks but she gave me a weird look again. By now I am beginning to think ” what the hell is wrong with this girl?” every time I try to say something or the other she just gives me looks I asked her what’s the matter?  She was like dude not that easy to impress me, if that’s what you are at. Whose afraid of difficulties. Just bring them on I underestimated Miss R and she gave me a challenge, seriously a challenge? At least she was in her head ready to let me try to impress her 😉 I am verrrryyy optimistic! She asked me “are you up for it?” n I was like “anything for you !”  I get the looks again. Great confidence booster.

How they met

Terms of the challenge (mutually decided):  I am to get points for my looks, my clothes, sense of humor, my compliments and few other things. Oh did I mention the negative marking ? If I was shabbily dressed a minus 50 may be 😛   I was like 500 points and then she will think about yes or no for officially accepting my proposal. She said yes! So the third meet ended on a happy note and a very tough task at hand.

For how I scored on to the 500 points stay tuned and don’t forget to comment on how you like the series. Have to go now as the flight has landed and Mrs. R is waiting for me outside the airport. We are at Mrs. R’s hometown for a vacation. See you guys soon 🙂

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